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We coach, train and guide your team

We coach, train and guide organisations in meeting and utilizing the ever growing challenges of the globalizing business environment. We help you lead challenging transformation programs, or coach you and your management team for better performance.

The business environment is changing at a fast growing pace but management models tend to change very slowly. The big challenge for the manager and management teams today is to find new ways and tools for utilizing this change in the environment, not just adapting to it but for surfing on the wawe of success. Expert outside help at the right time for the right purpose will make your organisation the winner in these fluctuating times.

We in Leada have strong experience in leading radical change programs in Finnish and multinational corporations. In large turnaround programs during the earlier economic downturns we have learned to appreciate the competence, skills and capabilities of all the members at all levels of the organisation. We will work together with you and your people, throughout the organisation, in finding fresh ideas and new ways of working. Our professionals work as coaches, teachers, trainers and guides for your management in making the real change happen.

We combine our understanding of people leadership to very strong substance knowledge of management challenges.




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